Fun weekend project - Internet connected Cocktail Cabinet!

My brother-in-law has a rather wonderful 1930s Cocktail Cabinet. Inside there’s a light which he switches on declaring the “bar is now open”. So we got to thinking and because we’re both geeks, connected the light to the Internet via a simple photocell and of course Electric Imp. Now when he switches the light on it auto tweets via his Twitter account that the bar is open and the opposite when he turns the light off, plus it updates the site Works perfectly. Yes I could have jacked the switch but this works just as well without having to potentially damage the bar.

I used Codebird and PHP to do the auto tweet stuff and used the Imp’s to save out the current state of the bar so it only tweets and updates when the bar changes state.

Fantastic idea. Unless you have specific reason for using, you could cut out the codebird/php part and use the imp agent twitter class… to do your twittering

Ahh nice. Didn’t know there was a Twitter class. I’m also updating his website so I guess it makes sense to keep things as they are at the moment as it needs to get images from a folder on the site and then update the page.

Thanks for the heads up though.

this is a cool project! and I’m addicted to going to the site to see if its open or closed!! haha!!