Fun simple remote with temperature monitor

Pretty impressed with the imp platform and that’s just with what’s there now - current beta and later features promised sound even more useful. Ordered one and had a bit of fun to get used to the features of the imp platform…

Created a prototype for a simple remote for my other-half that sends me instructions to my iPhone… wherever I am…!

3 simple buttons for 3 simple requests / instructions…

  • Cup of tea please!
  • Coffee time!
  • Home time!

There is also an LED fitted that flashes when a button is pressed and temperature sensor (TMP36) which will monitor the temperature and log to cosm / xively.

It talks to Prowl to send messages to the iPhone - as I’m not on the Beta, it just has 3 output ports with the message hardcoded in the 3 HttpRequest nodes - this would simplify with the new planner I assume.

Alerts come through fine!

A side effect is that I’ll start recording the temperature and plotting it over time - mostly for curiosity…

The code is at Its not that tidy and is mostly formed by combining several of the samples, but was very impressed at how easy it was to put together in a few sessions. I can see that adding a battery and some power management would be pretty quick and easy next steps.

I’ve included all the details (and hopefully correct circuit picture) incase it helps others expand the examples in their own way. Only main snag I hit was the pin1 issue on the sparkfun board that others have also found.

One of these days I need to start using Prowl. I just SMS my notifications back with Twilio now.

You gotta love xively!

Nice work with Fritzing.

I like Twilio for SMS. Simple. Is there an advantage for Prowl?

I guess Prowl is actually a notification service for iOS, not an SMS service. I believe you could interact directly with the app, verses just getting an SMS.

Looks good!