FTP server stack in electric imp for OTA programming

I am developing a device which has a ARM core M0 MCU. We are going to add a WiFi module to this device for adding cloud function. We would also like to add over-the-air firmware updating feature to it. Currently we are considering to use FTP to download the new firmware to the flash memory of the device. Electric imp is a candidate for this module. Therefore I would like to ask if anybody know an opensource FTP server stack (good if it is opensource) for electric imp?
Or if there is other reliable method to send the new firmware to the device?

Thanks a lot.

There are people using imps to update the firmware on existing MCUs, both Arduino and ARM-based, but if you’re designing this thing from scratch, you should look into using imp’s built-in M3 MCU instead of your existing MCU. That way you get our built-in OTA update facility.


The imp’s agent can fetch firmware via HTTPS, and then flash it into an attached MCU.

eg, see the example code to upgrade an STM32 processor using UART: https://github.com/electricimp/reference/tree/master/hardware/stm32/UART