From IMP to iOS?

I now have a setup that allows me to control my application (IMP) via iOS. So when e.g. on the iOS side (iPhone) a button is pressed this is sent to the IMP (agent) via http and the IMP responds back to iOS. So this traffic is entirely initiated by iOS! What I still have not been able to do is create an event based connection from IMP to iOS >> so without having iOS constantly poll the IMP for changes << :frowning: - for instance a switch connected to my IMP is closed and I want to have that event passed on to iOS.

Any suggestions how to go about creating something like this?

cheers, Moose

You either have the agent send a push notification to the iOS device or you poll the agent.

Phones, especially when on cellular networks, are almost always not accessible directly from the internet (theyโ€™re behind a carrier NAT) so can only make outbound connections. Push notifications work by sending the notification to apple/google - the phone polls apple/google to listen for new notifications.