Free Open Wireless - and?

I tried the imp yesterday on a wireless network, that was open & free (no password, etc.) However it didn’t connect.
Is that standard behaviour or was the network not good?
Shouldn’t the imp be able to connect to an open network without blinkup? Or is the imp ONLY looking for the last blinkup network name?

Only blinkup can change the imp’s idea of what network to join. This is a security feature really (though imp communications are encrypted, so even a rogue access-point couldn’t actually snoop on them).


I understand that, most of my projects are rather light-hearted by nature and would think they don’t require that level of security, so maybe there is a possibility for a software version that embraces a more entertainment supporting ease-of-use, plug and play version. ‘Enter the room switch it on and Hey!’ - kind of way? It feels like that would greatly help to sell products to newbie consumers.

Yes, with the wifi scan API in the next major release you could scan for open networks, and attempt to join each of them.

Sweet. When would that be due? And congrats on the lock-y IoT product.

No date yet for the next big one, but we’re attempting not to leave it as long as it was between release 17 and 25 :slight_smile: