Forum website very slow

Is anyone else seeing that the forum website is agonizingly slow? It seems even slower right now, but is always nearly too slow (loading pages) to stand. I’m using Chrome 24 on OSX Mountain Lion, accessing from California. By contrast, accessing is much faster.

Yes I’ve noticed too. Horribly long response times quite often.

I’ve also noticed this accessing from California.

slow in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is always a bit “slow”. Beer and cheese makes that happen.
-mlseim (Minnesota)-

Yeah, it is slow. We need to move it to a bigger machine. It’s on dreamhost right now…

Hmm, I have not had performance problems with shared Dreamhost machines in the past. Won’t try to debug it, but I would not expect performance issues even on that setup, assumoing the forum software isn’t a lot heavier than usual.

If for some reason your DH machine is heavily loaded, you can usually just ping their helpdesk and ask them to move it to a less crazy server.

Anyway, more of just an annoyance than anything.

Yeah, turns out the load average was averaging over 12. We’ve asked them to move it…