Flora Color Sensor

Hi, do you think it’d be possible to hook up to a Flora Color Sensor http://www.adafruit.com/products/1356 over the i2c bus?

If it’s an I2C device you shouldn’t have any problems (although you’ll need to write some driver code).

yeah, i’m looking at the code for the arduino, trying to check do the basics and read off the i2c bus, but it seems to always return null

for the arduino the code for reading looks like this

`uint8_t Adafruit_TCS34725::read8(uint8_t reg)
#if ARDUINO >= 100
Wire.write(TCS34725_COMMAND_BIT | reg);
Wire.send(TCS34725_COMMAND_BIT | reg);

Wire.requestFrom(TCS34725_ADDRESS, 1);
#if ARDUINO >= 100
return Wire.read();
return Wire.receive();

i’m not entirely sure from the documentation on how to format the hardware.i2c89.read() command (especially the middle string sub address)