Firmware update problem

Hi, I have an Imp that I purchased in the Spring. It was working fine for several weeks. The last time I used it was May. I powered it up a few days ago, and I saw message in the IDE log that said “firmware update initiated”. Since then the imp has disappeared from the IDE. I have left it powered on for several hours and also tried cycling the power. The blink pattern is odd. It blinks progressively faster until the light is almost solid. Then the blinking slows down again. I think it is blinking green-amber, but it is hard for me to tell because I am color-blind.

It does not seem to be connecting to wifi. I have tried re-doing the blink-up. I am assuming that the firmware update failed somehow. Any idea how to recover? Or is it bricked?


How is it powered? Could the battery be running low?


I put some fresh AA’s in and powered it back up. Firmware update triggered and then completed after about a minute. And now I feel slightly foolish…