Finding a remote IP address

I use an imp at my house in Spain to control an electrical socket. I also use the imp to tell me the IP address at the house as this is dynamic and changes on occasions. This is using Unfortunately this function seems to have changed and is now giving me an IP address located somewhere in Indiana! Any suggestions as to why this is or how I can overcome the problem.

Interesting (and unexpected, unless you’re running the imp traffic over a VPN). Can you give an example?

Apologies for the delay in replying. Turns out the problem was with my internet provider. I contacted them to ask them the question. They did not reply but two days later the IP address reverted to what it had been previously!

That… seems really strange. Maybe they had a routing upset, but good that it went back to normal :slight_smile:

The IP address we provide is the one we see the connection coming from, so there’s no other magic involved.

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