File format of image sent from imp

We’re trying to replicate the vc0706 demo found here:

I’ve set up a php server that’s running the upload.php script when we do an http POST to it on line 45-46 of the agent.nut file.

It writes the data received to a jpeg file. However, when I go to serve that file, it appears to be corrupted. I’ve verified that if I put a known good image in the directory, I can serve it just fine. It’s also not a permissions issue, since I can make it world read/writeable (chmod 777) and still nothing.

We made some modifications to the ei-fw-tom demo source to send via uart. We’re going to try on a fresh device with the SPI mod detailed here:

Sound familiar to anyone? Or any thoughts on what’s going on with the format of the data that’s getting posted from the imp?