Fat finger html buttons and led style indicator

Can someone point me in the direction to code a push button and indicator lamp. I’m using jquery buttons as seen in snackbot but I would like something larger square and more stylish since I’m going to be using the web interface from mobile devices. The indicator I’m looking for could be as simple as a html led. I just don’t know of the available resources. Is there a website with a library of html widgets?

If you’re looking for an indicator for a webpage that looks like an LED - you’ll probably want to find two images: one of an LED in the off state, and one of the LED in the on state (Google Image Search is your friend here).

When the webpage changes the state it should change what image is being displayed. This is something you can do with jQuery / javascript.

For changing the shape/size/style of the buttons - that just comes down to CSS, which is a fairly large topic. I would google for things like “html large square buttons” or something similar.

Thanks for your help. The led definitely helps. Are there and development programs like ol front page to aid with html coding?

I am sure there are, although I haven’t used them before… so I can’t give any recommendations.

Has anyone else in the community used website generators?