Hello imp mates!

I’m currently working on a school project where we need a computer running pure data to react on sensor input from a imp/arduino UART serial setup within a big dodecahedron(:D). I’m curious if it’s possible to communicate in other ways than http, as users of this installation/sculpture should get pretty instant feedback from their interaction.
I’ve been searching for couple of days now, and it seems Imp might not be the solution for this project?
Anyone figured out a solution to similiar “problem”, or can suggest me a direction of research? :slight_smile:

Best, bobby

You could try UART for both: uart12 for the sensor, uart57 for the sculpture.

I would not rule out HTTP, responses from the Imp are VERY fast. A friend and I are working on a fun project of a similar nature. We have a version of the Flappy Bird game running on Scratch, and a Makey Makey connected to the PC running it, and an Imp connected to the Makey Makey. Another battery powered imp is connected to a tilt ball switch, which we attach to the arm of the game player.

When the player “flaps” their arms, the tilt ball closes and the wearable imp sends a signal to the Makey Makey imp, which toggles the Space Bar input on the Makey Makey and causes the bird to flap its wings.

I can’t tell you that this will be fast enough to play the game really well yet, but it might be fast enough for your project… its worth a shot, and would likely be much easier to implement.