Fancy new code formating

The ugly yellow lines are gone! Hurray.

When you wrap you code in < code > </ code > tages (only without the space), it will show up like this:

server.log("Hello world")

Doesn’t that look nice, and make looking at code on the forums way easier!

Please wrap your code in code tags!

Woohooo! Let’s try it with code that I just fixed!

if (mszh <= sunrisemin && mszh < sunsetmin) { min_till = sunrisemin - mszh; server.log(min_till + " minutes until sunrise."); min_till = min_till + 1; sec_till = min_till * 60 imp.wakeup(sec_till, switchOff); //Turn off switch }

It showed up as yellow until I completely refreshed the page…dang you chrome.
Much better.

I finally swapped out my iPhone 4 for a 5s, and when I signed into the forums with Chrome, I get the old yellow code formatting. Different settings for mobile?

I couldn’t get any of the formatting to work with my Motorola 8500.

The formatting is done with a mix of css and js… so it’s the mobile browser isn’t happy whatever is being run. We’ll take a look into it.

I just hit the Chrome setting “Request Desktop site” and I got the new formatting with that reload, so its just the mobile code.