External development and or code management

Is there any way to work with code outside the IDE? I’m thinking along two lines of thought here:

  1. Being able to edit and manage code within my favorite editor (so I can get tab completion, syntax checking on write, etc)
  2. Code revision control (git or whatever)

The second one is much more important to me, personally, but could easily be done manually if the first is available. Alternately, if the second one is in the works, is there any plan to handle integration with third-party services via (say) web hooks? I can see a scenario where I can manage my code in GitHub and set a web hook to automatically send it to EI using some unique project / account key. The source file to be used could be standardized as ‘main.nut’ or something.

Food for thought.

I develop with my own editor and git, and cut and paste into the code windows. Not ideal, but better than editing directly, for large projects.

I would like an “upload file” mechanism, so once configured, “Run” would automatically re-upload your agent and device files, build and run them.

Yes, github integration is on the wishlist. I’m afraid there are other things we need to get to first though, so it’ll be a little while.

Though the current IDE has its failings, it hasn’t actively prevented people from shipping and as a startup, we’re very focused on making sure the features people need to ship their products are in there…

Agreed on the priorities, but just a note on Github. We happen to use bitbucket, not github, and I know others who use other alternatives. It may be simpler to have an “upload and run” button with a file chooser. Then you can have any editing and source control environment you want. Just choose the two files once, and then the debug cycle consists simply of pressing “upload and run”. It could even be the same Run button, which does the right thing if you’ve configured your source to be pulled from local files.

Yes, we used to have an upload & run button; what might be even nicer is an API so you can curl your code up into there, and just watch the log window for messages?

Just a comment, I don’t think integration should be with a particular provider. That is, don’t think “github”, think “git”! :slight_smile:

Like Heroku and other PaaS providers work, it would be a killer to just

git push electricimp master

or something like it. And being able to setup commit hooks from the repo. Ah, dreaming a little here…

@Hugo, yes, that would be even better! I vote for that. :slight_smile:

@Hugo, the curl idea is fantastic. That or something akin to ejeklint’s suggestion would be great. I would think that it would come down to a matter of whether you guys want to run a git server or not. Either way, my guess is that the file upload or git hooks would touch the same backend ‘compile and run’ service.

Looking forward to everything you guys put out!

Is this still being investigated? It would be great to be able to directly use code from a git repository.

We’ll have news on accessing code and IDE functionality outside of the IDE… soon. Watch this space…

Anything yet?