External antenna

I’m looking for a recommendation for an external antenna with the proper connector for the imp002. The device is about 100’ from my router. Both devices are mounted to the same wall with the imp002 (via P3V3) parallel to the wall. I’m guessing I need a higher gain antenna than what I have with the integral antenna. I’m also guessing with the “point” of the integral antenna pointing towards the router, I don’t have the best orientation. An external antenna may be easier than changing the orientation of the imp002.

Actually, I have another imp002 about 100’ the other direction from the router and need to have both devices making a solid connection. It seems that changing the router’s orientation helps one, but hurts the other. My RSSIs are in the low to mid 70’s and are usually sufficient.

It looks like I have the IMP002-S-US device.
Will something like this work?

If so, can I simply plug it into the U.FL connector on the IMP002?

Hmmm…the link doesn’t work.

As far as I know, there is no way to add an external antenna to that particular version of the imp002.

I saw the small antenna connector (U.FL?) and hoped it was usable.

I’m hoping someone from EI will either confirm or refute your claim. I guess I don’t understand why there’s what appears to be a U.FL (or similar) connector on the antenna area if it’s not usable.

The small connector is not u.FL, it’s a Murata test connector. The mating part is only useful for factory test (it’s almost an inch tall, spring loaded, and costs $70+)

Have you thought of using a directional AP/antenna instead? You only need gain on one end to increase the range as it will both transmit more powerfully and also give RX gain.

eg http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ubiquiti-NanoStation-Loco-M2-LOCOM2-Wireless-AP-CPE-Wordwide-Ver-LocoM2-/200994088606 is 8dBi gain, 2x2 MIMO and weatherproof… for $45 :slight_smile:

(same guy, different account)

Yes, that’s an alternative I’m considering, but thought I’d first inquire about the connector. The actual location of the router makes this a bit of a challenge, but it appears this is likely the best approach.

Thanks for the confirmation even though it’s not quite what I wanted to hear. :wink:

There’s a footprint for a uFL connector; if we need an external antenna, is there a way for us to know which components to use to enable use of a populated uFL connector?

It’s pretty obvious when you look at the board, it just requires moving an 0201 component (it’s a 3-way pad as the antenna trace comes out of the shield).

Note that this does invalidate the radio approvals, though.

I can live with that. Thank you.