Export / convert server.log into a text file

Hello everyone,
I am working on a project that require sampling analog signals ( ADC) . It is required that we put the sampling-values-over a-time-interval into a text file. I have successfully output these value using server.log (…) . However, for it to be a txt file, i need to copy-paste these value to it.
Is there a way that I can export the server.log file to my computer ? or anything that can convert it into a text file automatically?

a nice feature would be logging to a hosted log management service like papertrailapp.com or some other…

Our logging system only tracks the last 200 logs - so logs are not the way you want to go.

As @Chrischi mentioned, you should look at some managed logging systems (or roll your own).

so anyone have any suggestion about logging system for me? I am Still learning IMP
So if you can provide me simple sample code about that, it would be awesome.

Do you have a web hosting account? like with hostgator or similar? What I do is log with PHP. it is quite easy and there is code available. You can also look at Xively and Tempodb though I am not sure either one will let you easily get a text file out.

I am also interested in other ideas beyond the three I listed so if you find something please post it back here. : )

Loggly might be a good solution for this.