Everything you wanted to know about Squirrel but were afraid to ask

Ladies and gentlemen, Electric Imp is proud to introduce the only Squirrel language look-up reference you will ever need…

The Squirrel scripting language: a reference guide for programmers

This is a compact guide for folk who have already done some programming and want get quickly up to speed on coding the Squirrel way. With a couple of exceptions, this is not a explanatory guide: it’s job is to show what Squirrel does, not how it does it. We will have a special guide for new programmers online shortly.

The guide for programmers is a work in progress: we’ll be adding further sections over time. For example, we have a look-up for Squirrel’s various build-in delegate methods in the pipeline.

We also hope you’ll share your insights, and we’ll try and work them into the documentation. Likewise, if there’s an area you feel needs clarification - not every programmer is used to working in an object-oriented fashion, for instance - please let us know, and we can update the reference accordingly.

Don’t forget, there are more Electric Imp articles and guides at the Dev Center

Hi smittytone,

The link to the guide appears to be broken. Is this guide still around?



Looks like it got moved to http://electricimp.com/docs/squirrel/squirrelcrib/


It looks as if something has gone a little wrong with the formatting, particularly in the sections “global variables” and “generators”.

Yes, a wee bit of duff HTML slipped through. This will be fixed shortly. Thanks for letting us know.