ERROR: the index 'vbdbgdgb' does not exist


After a day-brake from project I began receiving an error message for no apparent reason:

2014-08-01 14:05:13 UTC+1 [Agent] ERROR: the index ‘vbdbgdgb’ does not exist
2014-08-01 14:05:13 UTC+1 [Agent] ERROR: at main:1

Can anyone explain what it is caused by and how to fix it (for starter programmers lost in Squirrel)?

Many thanks

We would have to see your code to know. Generally it means that you are calling something that doesn’t exist. If it was working, I would power cycle your device as a first step.

thanks. I will try that.

do a Find for “VBDBGDGB” in your code. This has happened to me… accidentally type something into the code editor and forget about it. somehow it gets saved and eventually it gets run.

I often leave the letter ‘c’ in my code for some reason… happened many times.