ERROR: the index 'settxactive' does not exist - How to update to release 33.2

I am trying to use the uart.settxactive(pin, polarity, predelay, postdelay) but its only for Device (from release 33.20) .

Since I am getting an error: ERROR: the index ‘settxactive’ does not exist i am assuming I have an older version.

How can I check my version? and how can I update to 33.2?

imp.getsoftwareversion() will tell you what version you’re currently running on your device or agent.

(Almost) every developer device is in the process of being updated to 34.8; so uart.settxactive ought to be available in that version.

Is this a developer device?

One of your imps is running 34.4, the other is running 32.13.

Can I get the other updated since that is the one I am using

Done; it’s running 34.8.