Error: incorrect frame received ( TempP:28.59$, light_lvl=0.00)

I am using an Arduino Mega board with a SparkFum weather shield and the Electric Imp.
I have a problem with the Electric Imp agent with normal values its still reporting an ERROR.
incorrect frame received ( TempP:28.59$, light_lvl=0.00).
Received: TempP:28.11$,winddir=135,windspeedmph=3.2,windgustmph=8.1,windgustdir=135,windspdmph_avg2m=1.0,winddir_avg2m=172,windgustmph_10m=7.3,windgustdir_10m=135,humidity=52.0,tempf=28.1,rainin=0.00,dailyrainin=0.00,pressure=100669.00,batt_lvl=7.08,light_lvl=0.00,#, )
The values look normal.
The attached file is the agent code.
Can someone help.