Environment Variables in production

i have this inconsistency when changing Environment Variables in development zone and production zone.
in development zone whenever i change/update the Environment Variables the unit will not restart.
but when i change the Environment Variables in production zone the unit in the group will all restart.
is the the correct behavior? because i cannot have my device restart without turning off all the peripherals

nobody know???

Hi Fendy, sorry for the slow response.

I don’t believe this is expected behavior, though I’ll need to look at our code and tests. Could you DM me the device group IDs you’re working with?

Hi ahoughton,
please check your mail

Thanks for the group info. We’ve verified that the impCentral API doesn’t trigger any kind of restart when groups are updated – this may be related to the IDE, but I’m surprised this is the first time it’s come up.

and what is the expected behavior in this case? will the unit restart when the env var updated or not?

No – changing environment variables, or name, or description, shouldn’t be causing a device group restart (and from our tests, does not).

Can you capture a trace from your browser developer tools to show the network calls including a reset call? We’re unable to duplicate the issue on this end.

how can i do this? i only have the video showing the device restart after updating the env var

please check your mail for the video

Mea culpa – you are absolutely correct that production groups will restart when env vars are changed – we were were looking in the wrong place.

This is a side-effect of the way the impCentral IDE manages those group updates; for users working directly with the API this wouldn’t have occurred.

We’re fixing the issue now, and expect a deploy early next week.

I believe, changing anything in Settings for a device group using the browser impcentral console causes all devices to restart.
Also, changing any Settings of an individual device causes the device to restart.

We have been updating settings using the API to avoid restarts.
A fix for the browser console will be of great help.

Apologies for the slow response – the issue should be fixed for the device group case, please let us know if not.

This is the first I’ve heard of an issue with devices, we’ll look into it.

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