Enocean imp integration & energy harvester powering an imp?

Interesting to learn that EnOcean is now a customer http://electricimp.com/customers/enocean/
I’m sure your Not in a position to divulge customer confidential stuff.

But I’ve got some 20 odd EnOcean devices knocking around the house. And still build customer solutions with them but using the Rasspbery PI. So if I could use the imp that would be fantastic news?

EnOcean sensors & wall switches are self powered and make a very good match with the imp. But they aint cheap but they just work. I know as I used to distribute them supplied 1000s of sensors.

Has anyone used EnOcean energy harvester devices to powering an imp?
I tried to power an April with one and very big Supper CAP but couldn’t get it to boot!

It’s not enough power for an imp; the imp acts as a powered gateway in these setups.

Hugo thanks that saves me having to port my node.js EnOcean code to the imp :slight_smile: Any hit at availability?

We should be able to clean up the code and publish it, but it’s not really a universal gateway - the demo is rather application specific. The hardware is really nothing more than a UART connection between the two modules. What are you looking for it to do?

I’m assuming that UART was a TCM3xx using the EnOcean serial protocol?

What are you looking for it to do?
Send and actuate using Radio telegrams. No smart ack or intelligent stuff the protocol supports.

One project I did comprised of a switch and 4 actuators with web gui and scheduler installed at 100+ different sites. I was waiting for the GPRS/3/4G imp before I had a go at porting my node.js but happy to share that. But on the usual proviso no laughing at my noddy code :slight_smile: