End user blink up


After my factory imps have been blessed, and then when the end user blinks up the device, is it possible during the blink up process, to take the userid, password, etc. that the user entered in my phone app, to register the user in a MySql database, and take the URL which is used in my web app to identify and access each unique device/user? If there is how can I accomplish that? is there an agent event to handle this sort of things?

Thank you

I doubt you will be able to get any usernames and passwords…

This question is related to end users that buy an IMP enabled product, not a single developer user.

If the end user has just entered the user, email, passwd, etc. in the phone app and then blinks up, shouldn’t the blink up app have access to that data, including the URL so I can take that and http post to my web server and store it in MySql database?

Or is there other way during the registration, blink up process to link a device’s URL to a end user web account where he can access the data that the IMP device is generating?

The blinkup libs return the agent URL on successful blinkup. Yes, these can then be sent to your backend, along with any other info the app knows about. You can also tell the agent the username/etc by posting these details to the agent’s URL.

Great, that is what I needed to hear. Thank you Hugo.