Electronics expert


I’m at the point where I need to draw the electronics schematics and PCB for my project, but with my lack of electronics knowledge I’m lost, I need to find an electronics expert that can help me get the circuit drawings ready to be reviewed by EI team. Any idea where I can get help on that?

Thank you

I assume what you created (components and mess of wires) is actually working?

Start with a sketch of what you have now. How your wires are hooked up between components and pins. Like a pencil sketch, no matter how rough it is. Scan your drawing and post it here somehow, or put in a drop-box for us to see.

Yes, my prototype is working. I will do that. Thank you !

I had luck using the Fritzing software recently in my adventure to design a custom board. It’s simple, but produces stuff that more experienced people can interpret to design better stuff, while also giving you a good quote for 5-10 test boards, and teaching the absolute basics in PCB design. Other options exist as a first step in custom circuit board design, though. Lots of options. I suppose I like it because I’m using a ton of screw terminals for a ton of sensors. The simple tools make for easy “overall” planning of the board.


The first custom board I built was with Fritzing and acid etching.

It won’t get you too far, but it can certainly get you started (especially if you’re more used to building breadboard circuits than drawing schematics).

Thank you ! I will check it out.

I like Fritzing it’s great. Does anybody know how can I import an IMP breakout into Fritzing?

I found it !