Electricimp (imp002) Coral Aquarium Lighting 150Watt PWM LED

Here is my first electricimp project reef aquarium lighting.
coral lighting is kind of complected setup that we must take in consideration for PAR/PUR (photosynthesis active ray), watt per gallon, mode such as moon light for every calendar month cycle…etc. advance coral light will cost 300 USD and above.

The imp is useful to shift all the complicated logic in micro-controller to… a web server running with cronjob :slight_smile:

The hardware:

  • Imp002
  • Arduino nano pro
  • 6 X TIP122 transistor for PWM control
  • A lots of sensors

1)The arduino does nothing but taking control instruction from imp and pumping sensors values back to imp via serial communication.
2) the imp will pre-process the info and relay it to webserver,
3) web server will decide what to do next such as adjusting the light output or send me alert email.

click here to see how the light can be adjusted online

Changing bipolar to MOSFET transistors will save energy and produce less heat (if you don’t use produced heat to warm up aquarium).
We use impee directly to control up to 2x150W LED (50V, 3A each) street luminaries and get temperature, surrounding movement as well as energy consumption information back to web server. Without Arduino:)

Thanks Peter,
I having limited experience with MOSFET as far i know it requires high threshold voltage, can you suggest a good MOSFET for controlling 2A load (LED+PWM)? I am kind of interested to use it for my next project.

I believe I had answered the answer myself… :slight_smile:


Threshold Voltage Vgs Typ:1V