Electric Imp with April Board

I’ve have the Electric imp with April board, I would like to run the following from the board, but before purchasing the rest I’d like to make sure the Electric imp and April will suit my needs.

2x Solenoids on Pin 1
1x Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout - Pin 1 or 2
1x Spark Fun Serial Enabled 16x2 LCD - Pin 5 or 7

I’ve found instructables for wiring the LCD and I am sure I can find the rest. But what I am not sure of is the following, my project I want to wire the solenoids in series. as I want them to trigger at the same time. Additionally I assume all of this will not work on just 5 to 3.3 volts and extra power source will be needed.

Need more info about solenoids.
What they control. Size and amount of force.
What voltage the solenoids are.
Hundreds of different solenoids, so we need more info.

The imp will control voltage (DC) with transistor, AC using SCR, ??

GPS … keep in mind that your imp is WIFI. Your location is pretty much where your WIFI is.


More Info
I’ve decided to go with these sparkfun 5v Small Solenoids, that are DC

The GPS will be used to trigger an event based on a predetermined location / data. I’ve built a custom portable wifi solution, so the imp will always be connected (unless batteries die.)

You can power the April board with a 5VDC supply. Since you are battery powered, it would be OK to use 6VDC. The supply will need to be big enough (wattage) to power all of your solenoids. Below is the basic transistor driver to power the solenoid coil.

mlseim this is a great starting point for my project thank you very much.

I dont know why my extended forum post was deleted, someone should look into that…

Second part of the related post
I purchased this LCD from Microcenter
According to Sparkfun it is the same LCD as the one used in this instructable

Wiring and programming the Electric Imp with an LCD display

This particular LCD say 5V however noted in the instructables it is actually 3.3V

When I power the unit on connected to the LCD the side light is lit, however the Screen is black.

Anyone with experience this same? using the microcenter module?

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