Electric Imp Toggle android app

Want to turn something on and off using an electric imp? Want to embarrass Hugo who still loads a web page, changes the last character from a 0 to a 1 and then hits enter? Then have I got an app for you!

This app will send a zero or a one to any electric imp you specify, via HTTP POST. Full source and instructions are on GitHub:
(ignore my million useless commits, I’m used to GitGUI on PC, not Github for Mac.)

Or get it on the market by searching for “electric imp toggle” or going here:

If you download the app from the market, you’ll still want to check out the readme for instructions on how to use it. But basically you’ll set up an http POST vimp, put its address into a QR code online, scan that with the app, connect that to your imp, and then something something profit!!!

The app has a few bugs, but I wrote it in a single night so STFU. Report them though! I’ll fix them if I feel like it. Or fork it and fix 'em yourself. :slight_smile:

Also, Hugo or whoever, let me know if I need to change the name for trademark reasons, I realized after that that might be an issue! But it does toggle an electric imp! :slight_smile:

Works great thanks :)>-

Hi. I am newbie who’s trying to get my feet wet in software control. Basically, I am a hardware guy. I’d like to do this Electric Imp toggler as a starter because it looks simple enough for me. I need, though, to understand some tools/terms I found in the text instructions.

what is a “HTTP POST”? a “planner”?
Thank you.


HTTP POST is an HTTP request made with a POST action (verb), ie. send data. More info here.

‘Planner’ was the precursor to the Electric Imp IDE and no longer exists.