Electric imp not working

I bought an April board and electric imp from Adafruit. Using a USB connector, I powered up the board. USB jumper is in place. I don’t see electric imp’s LED showing any sign of activity. I was able to verify that board has power using a multi-meter and regulator works, showing 3.3V. I see that pressing down a bit on the SD connector was suggested in the past. That does not work. I have not done any soldering or any connections to any other component so I am 100% sure I can’t have fried anything. I am on a tight schedule for this project, any other suggestions? Should I get a replacement?

Here’s the steps I would take.

  1. Try a blink-up anyhow to see if anything responds.
  2. Purchase a new Imp and a new April board as soon as possible for your urgent project.
  3. If the new one works, you can determine which is bad, the old imp or the old april board. Send back the bad part for replacement.
  4. If you order a new set and somehow the old one works after you’ve placed the order, you’ll have a spare set for your next project when the parts arrive.

In any event, you’ll have two sets. One for your “urgent” project, and another for future prototyping or for your next project. I think it’s a win-win situation even if you spend $50 for the next set (parts and shipping).