Electric imp mesh

Is it possible to connect 100 imps to single routher and send data or creating some sort of mesh with them and send to server ?

depending on the router - seems like you could connect 100 imps to it. I wouldn’t call that a mesh network, though.

You can build a local mesh network with something like zigbee or 433 MHz radios and connect one of them to a single imp.

I seem to remember someone before was trying to create an imp to imp message queue that then tunneled through the imp-cloud to a queue on the internet.

Maybe have a dig-around to see if you can find that thread

Matt has done this using pubnub https://community.electricimp.com/blog/pubnub-message-bus/

Electric Imp doesn’t have mesh networking built in. When you send messages between imps, they’re still going up to the cloud and back down (which isn’t really mesh). The PubNub MessageBus class wraps this functionality and cleans it up, but the messages are still going up to the Internet.

As @mjkuwp94 mentioned - you would need to use some other radio (BLE, 433MHz, etc) to setup a proper “mesh” network.

If you’re specifically interested in mesh networking, you might want to checkout Pinocc.io - which is a wireless platform designed specifically for mesh!