Electric Imp- LoRa

I am planning to implement electric imp security on my existing LoRa based system.
Can someone help me to understand the electric imp-Lora architecture?
How the LoRa end node communicates with the agent in the imp Cloud?

The agent communicates with Internet-hosted resources by HTTP and with its paired device, which provides the physical point of contact and contains an imp module. You’d connect a LoRa radio to the imp, and use it to relay data back and forth via the agent to the cloud.

This page in the Dev Center shows the imp side of the picture. You’d link in your LoRa system via the imp (the green box in diagram).

Depending on which imp board you start out with, you can hook up a LoRa module via UART, SPI, I2C or Click board. impOS doesn’t support LoRa natively, so you’d need to write a suitable driver and application — unless you’re using a Microchip RN2xxx-based module (we have a library for that which communicates over UART).

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