Electric Imp IDE does not work with Internet Explorer 11

I have been developing both Agent and Device code for my electric imp for several weeks with Internet Explorer 11, and everything worked fine. Beginning this afternoon (Dec 16), the electric imp IDE has stopped working with Internet Explorer 11 but continues to work with both Firefox and Chrome. I’m typing this message using Chrome. But if I log into Electric Imp with Internet Explorer, then my device logs are blank, and the forum page asks me to register or log in when I am already logged in. My Agent/Device code still works correctly. It’s only the IDE with Internet Explorer that doesn’t work in the ways described above. Does anybody know what’s wrong or how to fix it? Thanks for any response.

We updated the IDE yesterday, @Rfarmer, and it looks like this may have impacted IE 11 support. Please accept our apologies for this. I’ll let the coders know and hopefully we can get this sorted for you quickly.

@rfarmer We just tested the IDE with Internet Explorer 11 again, and aren’t having any problems. Could you try logging out of the IDE and then logging in again?

Sat, Dec 19; 4:16 pm; I have been out of town for several days with my PC off. Imp was plugged in and working. When I returned, I started PC, logged into IDE with same problem. Using INternet Explorer 11, the device log was blank, and the discussion forum asked me to log in even though I was already logged in. So I started Google Chrome, which I am using now, and everything works. I can see the device log with recent correct entries, and I can use the discussion forums, as I am now. So the problem still exists, even after my PC being off for several days. What can be done to find the problem? I note that this problem just began a few days ago, as previously mentioned, and IE 11 worked fine before that on my PC. Thanks for any suggestions on how to track down whatever the problem is.

When I returned, I started PC, logged into IDE with same problem

Did you visit the login page and type in your account credentials? Your session won’t disappear just because your computer has been turned off for a while - if the IDE loaded without asking you to sign in first then your old session is still being used.

Can you make sure you’ve explicitly logged out of the IDE by clicking the account dropdown menu in the top right corner of the IDE and selecting “Logout”? Then sign in again.

Thanks, gino, that fixed it. I specifically logged out, then logged back in and the device logs were displayed. The forums were still confused for a few minutes, but now they also work, and I am using IE 11 now. So I guess it’s fixed. Thanks again.

Good to hear! Please let us know if you have any more issues.

Well, the behavior of the IDE is still odd in the following way:
if I enter the IDE from a shortcut icon on the desktop, then the previous error continues to occur (the device logs do not appear, and the discussion forums are not usable). If I then logout, and login, (using the same username/password), then the device logs appear correctly. The discussion forums sometimes work and sometimes do not work. At the moment they ARE working, but I can’t predict when they will work and when they won’t. So the system is usable but there is still something wrong somewhere. Previously, I could always log on from my shortcut icon with no problems.

We’ve identified a problem where Internet Explorer 11 refuses to store the cookie across browser sessions, which puts the IDE into an invalid state that prevents device logs from working.

We’re looking at patching this issue tomorrow - I’ll let you know when we do. In the meantime, you’ll need to sign out and sign in again each time to get logs to work. Sorry for the inconvenience!