Electric imp Forum Code of Conduct

The electric imp forum is open to everyone and is a place where our users can get information on imps, answers to questions, resolution to issues, and share and discuss thoughts and ideas on how imps can complement their creations. To ensure that everyone has a useful and enjoyable experience, we’ve put together a short list of guidelines for all users.

  • We welcome your questions but please refer to the development wiki and FAQ and do a search of existing posts before posting a question.
  • Use appropriate language. No obscenities, defamatory language, or personal attacks.
  • Since this is a public forum, do not share any personal information that you do not want the whole world to know, e.g. credit card numbers, emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • No trolling!
  • No spamming! Meaning no irrelevant links or posts.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

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