Electric Imp direct communication with Android and Imp visa USB

Is there a way we can directly communicate my android device with Imp005 connected via USB. Direct communication does not involve Agent & Server Code. Just using my Android socket connection (USB) can we get read and send data?

This is not possible out of the box. What you’d have to do is write application driver code to manage comms over USB.

BTW, we also USB sample code that drives an FTDI UART-over-USB link which may help if it’s logging you’re after.

This should be possible as long as the Android appears as a USB slave; you’d need to enumerate the Android USB device and work out which endpoints you can communicate over, then write a driver for this on the imp side.

Maybe this would be via ADB? https://android.googlesource.com/platform/system/core/+/master/adb/protocol.txt