Electric imp Development Wiki

Hi everyone

You can find the electric imp Development Wiki here:  http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php.

The dev wiki is a work-in-progress so let us know if things are missing or incorrect:  dev-team@electricimp.com.  We are currently in the process of putting together a FAQ and would appreciate your contribution so please email us your input. 



If we design our own impee boards, can we write about them in the wiki as well?

We are not opening up the wiki to the public. Since the imp card is so new, we want to ensure that the information on the wiki is as correct and updated as possible and if it isn’t, well then it’s completely our responsibility :). That said, if you spot anything that needs clarification, updating, or editing, please do let us know at dev-team@electricimp.com and we’ll try to address it in a timely fashion. Do keep in mind that we may not always be Johnny on the spot with this since we are still a very small team.

We definitely encourage folks to come up with their own impee boards and post them on the forum!

What forum would be correct one to post own impee designs?

Check out the “got imps” forum thread:


ah, hm I did think its about imps not impees ?

impees are the devices that the imp goes into…so, these are indeed impees since they are all imp’ed out. If you are referring to impees as developer boards, that works too since they are also capable of being imp’ed and they can also go there.

I know the terminology is new and can be less than clear but if you’re still not sure where to post your impee designs, share an example and we’ll move it to the appropriate location if necessary.



there is typo that says that analog outputs are inputs

ANALOG_OUT Analog input (for use with DAC, pins 2 and 5 only)

Fixed, thanks

another small thing, you mention the pull-up values as 8kR for 8 Kohms, but in reality K ohms are never abbreviated as kR, only k. So for hardware guy seeing 8kR is well, its nonsense. Sure R is sometimes used for ohms, but not for k ohms.

39 means 39 ohms (R is assumed to be present by default)
39R means 39 ohms
39k means 39 k ohms
39kR is nonsense

Hmm, I never noticed that. I suspect someone was trying to find the ohm symbol. Will take a look.

Ah :slight_smile:

could we change the electric imp api class for i2c in the documentation wiki ?

The example…

local result = i2c.read(0x20, format("%c%c", addr>>8, addr&0xff), 2);

should be…

local result =hardware.i2c12.read(0x20, format("%c%c", addr>>8, addr&0xff), 2);

or it could be…

// Configure I2C bus on pins 1 & 2 hardware.configure(I2C_12); i2c = hardware.i2c12; local result = i2c.read(0x20, format("%c%c", addr>>8, addr&0xff), 2);

At least that’s my understanding after wrestling with the squirrel.

Fair point, yes. Examples should function standalone. Will fix.