Electric Imp connected old-school Walkie Talkie!

A little bit of fun. I took a cheap greetings card audio system and wired it to the Imp!

See it in action here: http://brendandawes.com/blog/walkietalkie

Does the audio streamed through IMP or only the trIgger comes via IMP?
Cool experiment btw :slight_smile:

It’s just being used to trigger the audio. I’m sure it’s all possible to stream audio but it would need a lot more work and probably a bigger brain than mine.

Nice demo, Brendan - simple but demonstrates well how the imp can be utilized.  We do plan on implementing audio processing but, in its current state, the imp is not quite ready for real-time audio application.  For more discussion, see this thread.

Great stuff. I think the audio processing stuff is really interesting, and it’s also great to read that thread to see all the future development plans. With my Walkie-Talkie demo it was more about hooking up cheap everyday components as I’m kind of in to that idea – in this case a greetings card sound module, inspired by the likes of the hitech lotech group at MIT.