Electric Imp breakout Board

I am a complete rookie with electronics and Electric Imp. I am handy with most things though so can usually figure out whats going on.

I bought an Imp with the “breakout board” and am trying to use it to make a WIFI garage door opener.

I have got it blinked up and it is communicating but I can’t get any voltage reading from any of the pins. The way I understand it… I should be able to get +/- 3-5 volts from the VIN pin to ground, however I can’t obtain a voltage reading anywhere on the board.

Am I missing something?

Which model did you get (imp001,2,3,4 or 5) and can you post the imp (device) code you have?
We need to see how you’re controlling a pin.

Also, unless your garage door open has a modern digital input you’ll be wanting to put an external relay contact across the connector that goes to the garage door opener button. You can’t just wire an imp pin to the garage door opener directly.

But first let’s determine how you’re controlling a pin. Also, are you using a multimeter to measure the voltage? Being a rookie, do you have a multimeter? You may want to connect an LED to the pin for testing. Build this as your first project:

If you can make that work, then you’ll be on your way for making your opener.

NOTE: be careful to never touch a +5 volt wire to any imp pin. 5VDC will appear in a couple of places on the breakout board because that is what you are probably powering it with (a USB 5VDC power supply).