Electric imp and mimo/antenna diversity

I read that mimo technologie uses multiple antennas on transmitter and receiver site. Can i increase the wifi link to an imp by buying an advanced wifi accespoint with mimo, even though the imp has only one antenna? does imp003 have mimo built into it? And will it be released in near future?

Yes, some commercial grade AP’s can use multiple antennas so the signals overlap correctly at the receiver, it’s called beamforming. 802.11n has a back channel to help the transmitter align the signals. I’d read the fine print very carefully on a home AP to see if they really do support beamforming. Antenna diversity on the AP helps the AP hear the Imp’s signal.

Mimo needs reasonable spacing between multiple antennas so probably not an IMP option so technically it’s not full MIMO because one end only has a single antenna, more SIMO/MISO.

As noted on the other thread, yes MIMO helps even with a single antenna on the imp end.

No imps are MIMO (generally, it’s power hungry to run the multiple signal chains), but the imp003 has the option for antenna diversity where you can fit multiple antennas and it will - when receiving - switch to the one with the best RSSI. You need to add an external RF switch for this.