Electric Imp and ipv6?

I’m curious if the current or future versions of Imp OS will support IPv6. I did some searching but wasn’t seeing an answer, but I bet you guys covered this somewhere already.

Thank you.

Current does not. Future will, when it becomes something customers actually care about. A lot of the IPv6 talk is about giving everything an address so it can be talked to, but the imp system with agents works around that issue using existing IPv4 infrastructure - IPv6 doesn’t actually bring much to the table for an imp application at this point.

That does not mean that existing imps will necessarily get IPv6, because dual stack is quite heavy, but newer imps (eg imp005 onwards) have more resources and so can support dual stack.

Thank you Hugo. I am following what you are saying.

The conversation that brought up IPv6, and thus my investigation, is perhaps a bit more directed at local subnet addressing space, which has different route to accomplish, than the approach of everything being able to talk with everything.

Be interested in what you’re looking for there if you can share any more info? (either publicly or privately to hugo@electricimp.com)

Thank you Hugo. I’ve got a conversation going with Eric offline as well, looks like I’ll meet up with him in August.