Eat your Dinner Imp!

A quick post on my first Imp...

Pretty cool! I wish I could see it in action - the video doesn’t work for some reason.

Cool idea!

Thanks for sharing, Lawrence.  Video works for me - nice music, BTW.  My soon-to-be four-year old son usually takes “0” time to eat dinner in that he usually doesn’t eat dinner…I’ve yet to come up with an imp-inspired product to help with this.

Nong can’t see it helping change her behaviour.
I’m thinking of converting it a traffic light & sticking to my home office door so my wife stops interrupting me!

But there is a serious side in terms of helping people with dementia  who forget to do stuff like eat.
A simple visual prompt might help remind them as they enter the kitchen.

But the addition of audio to the Imp is exciting.
We’ve supplied audio prompts as part of a assisted living smart home.
If the prompt is of a voice they know, like a care giver or family member that gives them reassurance.

Very cute.

How many old-age homes have wifi?

Lots… :slight_smile:

In the UK 77% of homes have an internet connection & most of them have WIFI. 

I’ve been using a “pay as you go” MIFI to has worked well even in remote locations.

@controlCloud - Very cool work you’re doing with assisted living.

Nong not us it’s Bath Institute of Medical Engineering that are doing the good work.

We support & work with them. 
The best thing I’ve seen them do is a cool wheelchair for very young kids

The wizzybug is very cool - thanks for sharing!