E-Imp for commercial use

Hey guys new to the forum and have been google-ing for a while trying to find if I can use the Imp as the brains of a new product me and my team have been working on. We started with the Arduino Yun but unfortunately the user will not have a pleasant experience setting up the product as there will be many steps to go through. The Imp so far seems like a better choice and in the project we will need several pins(~12) and we’re considering the little brains.
What do you guys think? Is there any info somewhere that states the use for commercial products? Will the consumers have to pay any fees or such?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can. You should email Electric Imp directly to work out the cost for a commercial Imp. I believe Hugo has stated that the cost is in the “few cents per month” range.

I am currently working on a PCB design for the Imp module, that I hope to have ready for sale within the month, so If you are interested in using the Imp module, I may be able to make part of the design easier. PM me if you would like to see the layout.

@Jwehr I’m interested in your PCB for the imp module do you any idea on pricing?

Still finalizing that, but it will be similar to what Adafruit sells the Imp card + April for.

Ok that sounds very interesting assuming that the board comes with power regulator and blinkup light sensor etc. or is it just the PCB?

It will be a fully functional breakout. I’m slaving away over the design, and Tom at Electric Imp has been very helpful at making sure everything is just right. Here are the features:

36mmx34mm board + module antenna area
TI TPS62172 switching regulator - 500mA output current (Imp needs 250 mA)
All 12 IO’s broken out
VIN, 3.3V and 4x GND broken out
Onboard blinkup and indicator LEDs
USB-micro power connector
Reverse polarity protection

I’ve also broken the blink-up circuit and indicator LEDs out to through-hole so that you can use an off-board blink-up/inidicator circuit. The onboard components can be removed from the circuit by wicking solder from two solder jumper pads. (Yay Sparkfun Eagle Library!)

IMHO, its a really nice compact board that can be easily plugged into another board or used by itself. I admit that I don’t love USB-micro, but mini just wasn’t fitting nicely on the board.

I’ll post a pic when I’m finished…just touching a few things up.

Put me on the list…

Jwehr you’re a start just what I was looking for, thanks.