Dumb question: talking to imp when cellular coverage is not available

maybe this has been answered, but I am not seeing the answer. Question is quite simple: If I have my mobile phone, wifi enable, and imp, but there is no cellular network available at all. Can I still communicate with the imp?

Right now the imp needs a permanent internet connection, however you manage that.
And as the current Squirrel code exectutes out of ram it needs that connection on every boot or return from deep sleep. I understatnd that it is planned to have the ability to run with wifi disabled (only intermittent internet connection) in a future release.

http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php?id=whatisntthere ^#(^

Nono, I want to talk from the phone to the imp without having wifi access to the public internet, only intranet access. I know imp will be able to run standalone when there is no wifi.

You can’t do that and most probably this will not be a feature ever - search in this forum after limitations and You’ll get some comments from Hugo which are pretty clear.


Obviously, never say never but if you never expect such functionality, then you can only be pleasantly surprised if it ever appears. It’s not even on a to-do list (and some of those are rather comprehensive!)

Ok, to summarize the long postings: If imp can not connect to the cloud server then there are no means of talking to it from any wifi devices on local wifi network.

Is this correct?

In the future there will be enterprise servers that relax this significantly (unless the enterprise server is down) but right now your summary is correct.