Doesn't seem to work

I provisioned the IMP, it’s blinking green, and tried to run the ‘Hello World’ example. Nothing seems to happen, I get nothing in the errors…

I tried making a deliberate typographical error in the code, and it displays ‘no error’ still.

With another example that was built-in, the play button would just spin and do nothing…

Is there a problem with the website?


Just did a quick test and cloud service is working fine. Since you can run “Hello World,” your imp is connected. Do you see “Hello World” on the imp in the Planner? Can you eject and reinsert the card and see if this does or does not happen?

What “built-in” example are you referring to?

Am I missing something then? Here’s the planner and the code…

I don’t see hellow world displayed in the planner, isn’t that where I should see it?

Also, also tried the showinput example,but when i clicked on the run button, it just spun and nothing seemed to happen either (the play button in the code window)

Well, it should be imp.configure not imp.configurekk for starters; can you try fixing that?

i did that on purpose to see if would generate an error. it did not. i got a 2nd one in the mail from sparkfun, and that one seems to work fine. the one that i was shipped from you guys either doesnt work right, or there is a major lag in updates - i changes show input to show inputz and it took effect between yesterday and today but it was from responsive.

i think i see; i had to remove and re-insert the cards for the changes to take place. is that normal? i thought code updates would be much faster.

So one of your imps is on an old sw version (the one whose mac address doesn’t end in 24); despite it having an upgrade queued it doesn’t seem to have taken it.

You don’t generally have to plug/replug to get it to load new sw, unless the code it’s running is not servicing incoming events. If you’re using long imp.sleeps, or infinite loops in your code you’ll see this - you should be using things like imp.wakeup to perform periodic tasks as they will process events when idle.

Is the one with the old sw version defective? Is there some way to force the upgrade? I assume the lack of the upgrade is what is preventing it from taking new code?

Yeah, I just made a copy of the code and made a simple change - but it doesn’t take. And the two of them behave differently.

Not being to reprogram them without ejecting/reinserting them kinda sucks.

This is all the code does… Should this lock up the unit?

// Register with the server imp.configure("First Program", [], []);

// Display our important message“Hello, Worldz!”);

The code listed should be absolutely fine, and this should absolutely work with the reload button in the editor.

To clarify

  • one of your cards (the one on the new sw) is behaving totally as expected
  • the other one is misbehaving, and is both on an old sw rev and isn’t wanting to update


We’re seeing if we can replicate the issue here. Stay tuned.

I made a shot video (unlisted) and put it on youtube to demonstrate the issues I am having. At this point, the devices are useless to me unless I can do remote code updates without having to eject and reinsert the cards…

Am I doing something wrong or do I have defective units?

youtube didn’t seem to like my codec, but it seems usable enough; let me know if you want me to re-upload… essentially, neither cards work correctly (don’t accept new code) consistently unless they are ejected and reinserted…

Did you try re-inserting the Imp after you made code changes? For me sometimes, when i change code, I remove imp and re-insert into impee (april) and it works fine.

Yes, that works but I bought the whole point was for these devices to be reprogrammed over the cloud without intervention.

My Imp will not update without pulling it and reinserting it. Any solutions? MAC: 0c:2a:69:00:07:57

I seem to be having the same problem with two Imps purchased through SparkFun - both seem to work fine except they need to be removed from and re-inserted into SparkFun’s Imp breakout board in order for them to take code updates (I’m basing this assumption on the fact that Imp’s output to the planner on code changes doesn’t happen until the Imp’s re-inserted). Any word on a fix for this?

We’ve had reports that switching code files has issues, but updating code and pressing the “play” button in the editor works fine (and this appears to be the case for me).

Looking into it…

Thanks Hugo. The Play button does work, but under very limited circumstances - if you make an edit to firmware that’s already running on the device, Play works. Switching firmware using the planner doesn’t update the device, nor does using Play to push subsequent edits of the new firmware.

It would seem that the only way I can get new firmware on the device is to power-cycle. From there, the Play button works as long as I don’t switch firmware again.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do from my end to help.

Edit: For fun I’ve been copying code around - the content doesn’t seem to be the deciding factor. Again it would seem as though the mechanism for switching firmware is broken somewhere.

Hey folks - I think we’ve found a fix for this problem but let us know if it persists.


I just power-cycled my imp and it powered up to temperature sensor. I then changed to hello world in the planner and it stayed on Temperature sensor. Edit hello world ant hit run and still have temperature sensor. Unfortunately not fixed for me.