Does the platform append metadata to an output of a json object?

Hi there,

i’m sending a json output from the env sensor to another event handling platform. The output of the log from the agent however, is different from the log that the other platform is reporting it’s receiving…

Eg, from the agent, the output from server.log is:

{ “temp”: 19.1952, “id”: “20000c2a690ae61b”, “humidity”: 64.9496, “lux”: 4.59461, “location”: “CBU Solution Engineering” }

From the receiving platform however, the log files are showing this json object as being sent:

“temp”: 19.1844,
“id”: “20000c2a690ae61b”,
“humidity”: 64.8504,
“lux”: 4.81845,
“location”: “CBU Solution Engineering”,
"__meta": {
“receivedTs”: 1465557810798,
“originTs”: 1465557810798,
“ts”: 1465557810798,
“pk”: 16312,
“c”: “au_imp_users_ic001”

Now, i’m trying to understand which platform is inserting the __meta tags here…

has anyone seen this type of thing before?

See other post - no, we append nothing. It looks like the other platform is appending some housekeeping stuff and (possibly) forgetting to strip it when you retrieve it.