Does Imp004 support Bluetooth audio?


I am evaluating Imp004 for a Bluetooth audio product. I see that CYW43438 separately supports PCM and STM32F412 supports I2S/PCM, but the Imp004 with the STM MCU and Cypress BT/WiFi combined does not expose any pins connected that can connect to the PCM pins.

Is there any internal pin diagram that shows how STM32F412 is connected to the CYW43438 ? What pins are used and what are not ?

Any help or direction related to the support for Bluetooth audio will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

The imp004 does not support Bluetooth audio, sorry. The 43438 PCM pins are internal to the module and are unconnected.


Thanks for confirming this, Peter.


…also I believe the pins on the chip are only used for the “handset” audio. I don’t believe there’s any internal support for A2DP for example.