Does anyone know what the flexible armoured cable sheathing used on inspection camera wand is called

sorry for the completely left-field question but I’m trying to put the finishing touches to my first Imp project and I want to mount 2 x IR Temp Sensors on the end of some semi-rigid (but yet flexible) cable so that I can point the sensors anywhere I need to from time to time without having to constantly build / rebuild brackets.

I’ve often seen inspection cameras with the lens mounted at the remote end of such a flexible cable sheath but short of buying an inspection camera & “harvesting” the sheath, I can’t seem to find where to buy it.

Here’s a link to a pic of the kind of thing I’m looking for.

I’ve also attached the same pic.

Thanks in advance,

flex conduit

generally flex conduit but that might not be specific enough.

Does it have to hold its shape? or do you just want a flexible sheathing that is strong?

for machining they use coolant pipe made from individual sections that hold their position where you move them to.

you could search for cable management for robotics

Cool, thanks @mjkuwp94,
yeah, I want it to hold it’s shape as much a possible so I don’t have to re/build brackets each time I move the sensor into another position.


how about the rigging that machinists use for dial indicators.

in the USA we have Harbor Freight.

magnetic base

I’ve got a heap of those but to be honest, the magnetic flux on all the ones I’ve used are pretty weak (they are designed for pretty stable bases i.e. no g-forces) so I didn’t consider them.

The other thing would be that if a solid arm got somehow tangled-up in the brakes, that could cause an issue, whereas the flexible conduit would (hopefully) be pushed straight out of harms way & even if it did get very “involved” I’d hope that the brakes would simply “mash” the conduit up and “spit” it out without causing any problems.

For anyone interested, I managed to find a manufacturer of this kind of product in Mattoon IL (USA):
I’ve sent them an email inquiry to see if they can supply me with a small quantity or suggest someone who can.
I’ll let you know how that goes.

dube68, did we get you hooked up with a sample? If so, did it work out? sry, i was trolling our backlinks and noticed this site. but I like to hear about the non-traditional uses of our conduits.

Hi tlindsay,
no, they wouldn’t provide a small sample, instead pointed me to a re-seller who would only provide me the a full roll at quite an expense. I asked them if they could point me in the direction of one of their clients who may be able to sell me a small sample, but they wouldn’t do that either.
To be fair though, they weren’t the only company to be so disinterested in my inquiry, I did try 3 or so other suppliers, none of them were interested in helping me unless I wanted to buy a full (read EXPENSIVE) roll.
In the end, I gave up trying, I purchased a flexible USB powered light ($3) and re-purposed it for the flexible conduit. The problem there was it was super-tight so I was unable to draw new cables through & the rubber inside made it difficult to connect to the existing cables. But it proved the concept.
I wish I had been able to get some proper samples to work out which one would suit my purposes better to get the prototype done, but not to be.
It must be nice for these companies to have such a great business going on that they can ignore people trying to find a purpose for their products; I certainly don’t have that going on.

Ive always known it as “gooseneck tube” if that helps with your googling (or duckduckgo)