Do the Arduino thing

Add existing code examples (sketches) to each account. It is a bliss to have those arduino blink and all the codes done for you when downloading the arduino software. Why not do the same for your nodes. It acts as a very fast way to get the IMP working for you, is a stable documentation in itself, and by its nature, solved your code list bug!

I second that. I’ve been playing with my imp for two days now and while I managed to do what I want to do, I am thoroughly puzzled about where to find documentation/information/examples and the dev process in general. Having a few complete examples ready to go and tinker with would probably help a lot.

There are people working on this.
The imp agents are still in beta so the the tutorial, example scripts and schematics are sort of on hold until the beta is released. The agents are way different than using the planner vimps.
One of the members working on tutorials is going to use a system similar to the arduino examples. Controlcloud is the name of the forum member that is getting the ball rolling … contact him for more information.