Do I need to host a website to for my HTML? AM I ALSO doing it write

I tried it in
is that good enough?
and I enter this

Mr.Coffee Machine Imo Coffe time

thank you I have another question in my planner when i try to attach the node It says this impee has no outputs

Have you created any input / output ports in your impee code / added them to the imp.configure line?

Here’s an example of using HTTP In nodes + Input Ports to change the colour of an LED:

Also - if you’re using HTTP In nodes, I would encourage you to join the beta instead. This allows you to manage incoming http requests through agents, which is the new preferred way of doing things.

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll get you setup.

Yup, that should work.

(also - I deleted the comments you made where the html and didn’t show up)

@zac0519 - try wrapping your code in the code in the < code > < / code > tag


Mr.Coffee Machine Imo Coffe time `

Since I was not speaking English I will tell you were what is said in the parentheses.
I took out the link because I don’t want everyone to see it.
both of the links were the same
my planner is set up with two HTTP In and my code in the center