Do device.on and agent.on accept wildcards

Can you use wildcard subscription with device.on and agent.on. Something like

device.on('button*", callback)

to handle events buttonOn and buttonOff


No, but you just do:


…to send the button state with the button message, and…

`function callback(value) {
server.log("button state "+value);

device.on(“button”, callback);`

…to receive it.

That part I understand but it would be cool to support wildcard events so that you can catch unhandled events or more importantly do some dynamic before/after event processing.

As you’re writing both ends, why would you have unhandled events?

What do you mean by dynamic before/after event processing?

The scenario is that I want to develop a generic event handler on the agent side to act as a pass through to an external service.

Again, this isn’t a problem. You’d just use a single name for all passthrough traffic, eg passthrough, and then nest the data one level deep in the table:


device.on("passthrough", function(t) { // event name is in t.eventname // event data is in });


agent.send("passthrough", { eventname="button", data=1 });

Thanks Hugo that would work well.