Disable http listener response "OK" message?

I know very little coding in any language, but I was able to get a simple html/javascript page up that sends a 0 or 1 via button press and HTTP Post to control a pin on my Imp via iphone. However, I always get a response message on a new page saying “OK”. That then necessitates me browsing back to the button page every time. I eventually want to ‘upgrade’ to a PWM slider scheme that only sends a value after the slider stops moving, and this “OK” page would just ruin the whole experience. Is there any way to disable this? I can’t find any obvious code in my nodes or html that would cause this message to be sent.

You can’t disable the response as such, but what you want is for the response not to replace your existing page. The way to do this is to use XMLHttpRequest, or similar AJAX techniques; search the forums for “ajax” and you’ll find some example code.