Direct communication with IMP002

Is it possible to communicate directly with the IMP002 via WIFI using a laptop or other device to view data in the IMP memory?

no, not directly wifi to the imp, but you could view any data in the imp by viewing a web page that you create and host by the imp agent. Each imp agent has it’s own URL. So with any device connected to the internet, you would go to your imp’s agent URL and whatever page you created will display what you wish to display. You could do that from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Anyone’s website can access your imp data if you program it to allow them. Likewise, any imp can write data to anyone’s website if their website is programmed to allow it. As an API, your agent still has it’s URL, but it doesn’t need an HTML web page.

Possibly, the imp could write data to a bluetooth breakout board and you communicate locally using that.

Maybe you can describe what your project is supposed to do.

Before you ask, @david1138, the reason there is no direct communication over WiFi is application security. This applies to any imp module. For short-term data logging, for example, you can hook the imp002 to another device via UART and send over data that way. This second device could be directly accessible via WiFi - or might even be your laptop linked via an FTDI serial-to-USB cable (see ‘Debugging Your imp in Disconnected Applications’)